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Expertise at your service

We have solid financial and real estate expertise, both technical and practical.

We cumulate more than  50 years of experience in several industries: including 22 years in investment banking and market finance, 15 years in insurance and international development, 19 years in wealth management.


Our Promise is to position you at the center of our relationship – you will be regularly informed of the developments of your assets and the associated issues.

Each heritage study is enriched by a double proofreading by each partner.  

Your wealth management will be the result of the choice of heritage structures and a selection of investment media:  


We are convinced that a diversified wealth strategy between various financial assets and real estate assets makes it possible to meet the objectives of more than 95% of our clients.

Beyond organizational consulting, we offer our clients:


  • An asset allocation service and/or tailor-made asset portfolios

  • A real estate transfer and acquisition service, for active management of their real estate portfolio.


To complete our support on all issues, we practice interprofessionalism (external intervention by experts), so that our clients have quality expertise on all subjects.


From the simplest to the most complex, we support you in the choice of financial investments adapted to your risk profile and your investment period (equities, bonds, structured products, guaranteed capital products, heritage funds, private equity, thematic funds, alternative strategy (long/short, volatility arbitrage) 


We offer you direct investments (bare/furnished rental, LMNP status, professional premises), or via investment vehicles (OPCI, SCPI, SCI, ….) of quality to consider all your real estate asset strategies.


We practice interprofessionalism and bring in specialists (international tax experts, lawyers, etc.) as soon as the situation requires it. 

We believe that the plurality of advice should not affect the quality of this advice.

As a referent advisor, we maintain a long-term vision of your objectives and your heritage issues  

We are used to working with figures and legal professionals, and support our clients in the proofreading of their legal and accounting documents necessary to achieve your heritage objectives. 

We will accompany you in complete transparency in the implementation and monitoring of the solutions adopted. 

Your wealth management advisor initiates and coordinates the development of interprofessional wealth strategies with specialists who bring us their respective technical skills. 

in wealth management
in wealth management
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