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Your stages of life

Each of the periods of your life can lead you to make patrimonial choices.

This is the period of building up assets - selection of short/medium/long term investments - real estate, civil organization of your couple (pacs, marriage contract).


25-35 years old

It is the period of diversification of your investments - acquisition of your main residence, rental, leisure - it is the period of major personal and family projects (birth, adoption, ...) 


35-45 years old

This is the period of development and growth of personal and professional assets and of the first significant real estate/securities arbitrations. Anticipating retirement, meeting protection and provident needs are all new subjects on which to act. 


45-55 years old

Protection of the family and use of part of the capital – donation – increase in peripheral income – reduction of the tax burden 

“Protect” section Anticipating the risk of dependency – adaptation of the matrimonial regime – development of transfer scenarios – reduction of financial risks 


55-65 years old

Projections of dependence of the 4th age / adaptation of matrimonial regime / development of transmission scenarios / risk reduction.


+ 65 years old

Your goals

Patrimium Conseil will support you in achieving your objectives and will adapt the solutions to the evolution of your situation. 

Structuring & developing my wealth
Protect & pass on
to my loved ones
Preparing for my retirement
and my foresight
Invest in real estate & diversify my wealth
Optimize my tax
Manage my wealth
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